Meet Founder


"Growing up I was not allowed to play with makeup. Still determined, I found a clever way around this. I transformed my Skittles (yes, those rainbow colored candies) into lipstick and eye shadow! I guess you can’t stop true passion, because here I am years later, still excited about makeup and still determined to find new, creative ways to push the beauty industry forward."

Adela May Pino, Founder & Make Up Artist 

After more than a decade as a successful make up artist in Beverly Hills, Adela May Pino formed her beauty company in 2020 with one simple, yet ambitious goal in mind- to bring clean, chic and effortless beauty to all women. Inspired by the timeless elegance of French women and their minimalist approach to beauty and lifestyle, her mission is to create easy to use, multi-functional cosmetics, that simplify your beauty routine and work with your own unique lifestyle. While most make up artists employ the usual technique of simply ‘painting beauty’ - Adela’s talent is in her unique ability to enhance the beauty that already exists. With her clean and radiant new product line, she invites you to discover how easy it is to feel empowered and inspired when you have the right tools and cosmetics behind you.